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HMDS pretreatment system

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First, the need for HMDS pretreatment system: in the semiconductor production process, lithography is a crucial part of the process, and the coating process is good or bad, directly affect the quality of lithography, so the coating is also particularly necessary , Especially in the lines when the line is relatively thin, any one part of the flaws, may lead to the failure of lithography. In the coating process, the majority of the photoresist used is hydrophobic, and the surface of the chip hydroxyl and residual water molecules are hydrophilic, if the surface of the chip directly coated, it is bound to cause photoresist and The adhesion of the wafer is poor, and even local gaps or bubbles, the thickness and uniformity of the coating are affected, thus affecting the lithography effect and development. In order to solve this problem, the coating process introduced a chemical agent, HMDS, its full name in English called Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS), the chemical name is called hexamethyldisilazane, it is coated on the silicon surface , Which reacts with siloxanes to form a siloxane-based compound, which is actually a surfactant which successfully converts the surface of the wafer from hydrophobic to hydrophobic and its hydrophobic basis is well Glue, and play a coupling effect, Moreover, in the development process, because it enhances the adhesion of the photoresist and the substrate, thus effectively inhibiting the etching fluid into the mask and the substrate lateral etching. Initially, people with liquid HMDS directly onto the chip, and then by the high-speed rotation of the chip in the wafer surface to form a layer of HMDS film. So that the stage of the substrate and photoresist to solve the problem of bonding between, but with the lithography lines more and more fine, more and more thin glue, the adhesion of a higher demand, so We developed the current HMDS dedicated oven.

Second, HMDS pretreatment system advantages:

2.1 Pretreatment performance is better, because there is a number of nitrogen replacement and then carried out HMDS treatment, so there will be no dust interference, Moreover, because the system is the "water baking" and HMDS treatment on the same The process of the same container, the wafer in the container after 100 ℃ -200 ℃ to the water baking, followed by HMDS treatment, do not need to come from the container, and contact with the atmosphere, the chip absorb water molecules The opportunity to greatly reduce, so have a better treatment effect. Wait

2.2 processing more uniform. Since it is applied to the surface of the wafer in the form of steam, there is a liquid coating that is not comparable to the uniformity.

2.3 high efficiency. Liquid coating is a single chip operation, and the system can handle up to 4 boxes of chips at a time.

2.4 more savings in liquid. Practice has proved that the use of liquid HMDS coated monolithic liquid used by the system than the four boxes of liquid used to deal with more liquid;

2.5 more environmentally friendly and safe, HMDS is a toxic chemical, people will be inhaled after nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, stimulate the chest, respiratory tract, etc., because the whole process is completed in a closed environment, so no one access to liquid and Its steam, it is more secure, its exhaust is directly from the mechanical pump to the exhaust treatment machine, so it will not cause pollution to the environment.

Three. Machine size, vacuum chamber size:

3.1 liner size: 450X450X450mm), 300 * 300 * 300

3.2 vacuum: 150Pa; use of vacuum pump 3.3 heating: the lower part of the cavity and both sides of the heating. The heater is built-in heating plate

3.4 temperature: RT +10 ℃ ~ 200 ℃; microcomputer temperature controller, accurate and reliable temperature control.

3.5 temperature control accuracy: ± 2% ℃ (200 ℃);

3.6 can be put LED chip 2-inch film about 100;

3.7 out of the box temperature can be set by the user to reduce the process time (normal process in 50 minutes -90 minutes (depending on the product required baking time), for the normal working cycle without cooling time (due to cooling time for the conventional cooling ));

3.8 The whole system is made of high quality materials, no dusting material, suitable for 100 lithography to clean the environment. Tempered, tempered glass door to observe the work of indoor objects, at a glance. Box door closed elastic can adjust the overall shape of the silicone rubber door ring to ensure that the box high vacuum. The studio is made of stainless steel (or drawing board) to ensure that the product is durable.

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