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Hefei Zhenping There are electronic technology Co.,Ltd.With the design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service capabilities of the integrated enterprise

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Company Profile

HEFEI TRUE P ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is specialized in baking process equipment, semiconductor yellow area special equipment, environmental and reliability test equipment, electroplating cleaning equipment, moisture-proof anti-oxidation professional equipment and other products of the production and sales supply manufacturers, Is a group of years engaged in environmental testing equipment, moisture-proof anti-oxidation equipment, semiconductor Huangguang District special equipment, electroplating cleaning equipment and other industries of professional engineering and technical personnel as the core, with design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service capabilities of the integrated enterprise.

The company mainly produces and operates the following products:

1. Baking process equipment: infrared / hot air oven, high temperature anaerobic oven, nitrogen special oven, tunnel oven, anaerobic curing furnace, heating table, Class100 clean oven, pressure oven, electric blast oven, IR drying equipment;

2. Environmental test equipment: (high and low temperature test chamber - ultra-low temperature test chamber; programmable high and low temperature test chamber; constant temperature and humidity test box; programmable high and low temperature alternating hot and humid test chamber; temperature impact test equipment; high temperature and low pressure test equipment ; High vacuum chamber; hot aging box; rapid temperature change test equipment; temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive inspection box; mold test chamber; salt spray corrosion test chamber; culture / biochemical / test equipment; high temperature thermostat tank / standard oil tank)

3. Heat treatment equipment: medium temperature atmosphere box furnace, high temperature bell furnace, thick film sintering mesh belt furnace, atmosphere melting furnace, drying furnace, drying sintering one furnace, automatic tube furnace and so on.

4. Huangguang District equipment: dust-free anaerobic high-temperature oven, high temperature furnace, HMDS coating pretreatment system, semi-automatic gas machine, semi-automatic development machine, semi-automatic spray machine, automatic glue machine,

5. Wet equipment: automatic washing machine, semi-automatic washing machine, acid-base cleaning machine, cleaning tank, corrosion cleaning machines.

Anti-oxidation equipment: MSD special ultra-low humidity cabinet series; nitrogen cabinet series; clean nitrogen cabinet series; oxygen concentration control series; environmental temperature and humidity monitoring system; oxygen concentration of carbon dioxide monitoring system series;

The company since its inception, has been adhering to the customer first service concept to meet the needs of customers continued to grow, continue to provide customers with high quality and reasonable prices of products, reduce customer production costs and improve customer competitiveness, to create value for customers

In the majority of customers with the support of the company's business booming, in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, military, post and telecommunications, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, medical, biological engineering, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units and other fields made a good Performance, the majority of customers have been recognized and praised. The current service customers all over the coastal provinces.

We will strive to provide customers with one-stop service and comprehensive solutions. Completely solve the customer's Hougu Youyou, so you peace of mind the production, the trouble left to us. You choose really Ping technology is the choice of rest assured!

Main customers: TSMC, SMIC, Texas Instruments, long power, BYD, IPEC, East China Science and Technology, Suzhou crystal side, crystal silicon, Fujitsu, Ningbo core health, Panasonic, Samsung, Ericsson, Suntech, Shunda, Quanta, Dragon Optoelectronics, INTEL, and so on. The company is located in China, Jingdong, San'an Optoelectronics, Tongfang, Huaxin Semiconductor, Rui Jin Optoelectronics, JAC, Chery, Museum, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Optoelectronics and other local military key universities and so on.