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Industry News

Alcohol on the vacuum oven will explode in addition to water?

Source:Zhenping Time:2017-08-04 Views:

The problem in site search, there will be different answers, some users said they would explode, and some said no, there are many different opinions, and now the company made the following analysis of small series according to their years of experience, I hope for your help The

First of all we have to determine the flammable point of the gas, if the dry temperature with combustible points are not reached, how could it explode? Concentration of 100% ethanol flammable point of 75 degrees Celsius, and the lower the concentration of mixed with water, the lower the ignition. Generally volatilized during drying out free of ethanol we can be regarded as 100% concentration, it is combustible point 75 degrees Celsius. As long as we set the temperature of the vacuum oven to 75 degrees Celsius will not explode.

Conditions explosion must have objective conditions can take place, the air is to support the occurrence of objective conditions factor, to be exact oxygen, air in the vacuum oven is thin, long evacuated to a certain extent, there's not enough air And chemical reaction with ethanol, do not worry that it will explode.

So some people say I want to set the temperature over 75 degrees Celsius can do, it is best not doing so, first of all, the effect is not obvious, objective factors may also increase uncertainty. Theoretically can be experimental, but the operation does not guarantee the operation of the staff there is the possibility of errors. Some users said that you can first almost volatile ethanol, and then increase the temperature, this method can still try.

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