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Industry News

Five knowledge points that need to be known when using the oven

Source:Zhenping Time:2017-08-04 Views:

Now the oven can be used in many places, but some places can not be used, when there are a lot of attention, and today Xiaobian to enumerate, in the use of the oven need to know the attention of the five knowledge points, I hope you have Help.

1, flammable and volatile chemicals should not be placed in the box.

2, such as the use of the process of abnormal, smell, smoke, etc., please immediately turn off the power, the user should not blindly repair, should notify the company repair department, by professionals to view the repair.

3, oven wall liner and equipment surface to always wipe to keep clean, increase the transparency of the glass. Do not wipe the outer surface with acid, alkali or other corrosive solution. Optional neutral detergent to clean.

4, the oven is not long, you should remove the power cord to prevent damage to equipment. And should be regularly (usually a quarter) according to the use of conditions to run 2-3 days to get rid of the electrical part of the moisture, to avoid damage to the device.

5, the top of the oven box for the electrical control cabinet, easy to focus on inspection and maintenance, repair and I contact with the Secretary to confirm after the sale.

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