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Industry News

Trueping Technology won the TSMC Nanjing factory bulk purchase orders

Source:trueping Time:2017-08-04 Views:

(TSMC), a Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, established in 1987, is the world's first, and the largest professional IC manufacturing services (foundry) business, the headquarters of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., With the main factory located in Hsinchu Science Park. 2013 revenue of 1.985 billion US dollars, foundry market share of 46%, the world's first.

2011 capital of about NT $ 259.55 billion, the market value of about 100 billion US dollars, the largest market value of listed companies in Taiwan. TSMC's total production capacity has reached 4.3 million wafers throughout the year, and its revenue accounts for about 60 percent of the global foundry market.

TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou, "chip king", "Taiwan's semiconductor godfather," said

Zhenping Electronics and TSMC has maintained a good cooperation and mutually beneficial relationship, we know that the real development and expansion of technology, the moment can not be separated from a large number of such as TSMC and small and medium-sized customer concerns, trust, support and participation. We are honored to be a partner with our distinguished customers and to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

In the future we will continue to forge ahead, with high-quality products, good reputation and good service for our customers to provide a broader customer development space. We fully believe that as long as you have the support of cooperation, as long as we continue to work hard, we will have a common cause of large space, big, big development.

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