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Industry News

  • [2017-08-04]"Five do not" make you better use of high and low temperature test chamber

    High and low temperature test chamber in operation, there are some prohibited things, Xiaobian finishing for the five do not, and to share with you, hoping to give you some effective help.
  • [2017-08-04]Ozone aging test chamber development prospects are very broad

    With the rapid development of global industry and technology, the concept of environmental testing has become more and more vigorous. With the large-scale technology and equipment, the need for the development of more high temperature, high pressure and radiation resistance, corrosion and other performance requirements New equip
  • [2017-08-04]HMDS pretreatment system has five advantages introduced

    Often someone asked me, HMDS pretreatment system in the market so good, what are the advantages of what? Today Xiaobian to come to tell you, HMDS pretreatment system has five advantages.
  • [2017-08-04]Alcohol on the vacuum oven will explode in addition to water?

    The problem in site search, there will be different answers, some users said they would explode, and some said no, there are many different opinions, and now the company made the following analysis of small series according to their years of experience, I hope for your help The
  • [2017-08-04]Six steps to easily get the vacuum oven installation work

    Do everything to talk about technology, good technical staff to do things to be very skilled, the following by the company staff to sort out the installation of the vacuum oven process is divided into six easy to get.
  • [2017-08-04]Five knowledge points that need to be known when using the oven

    Now the oven can be used in many places, but some places can not be used, when there are a lot of attention, and today Xiaobian to enumerate, in the use of the oven need to know the attention of the five knowledge points, I hope you have Help.
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